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Wholesale Chocolate Truffles

Wholesale Chocolate Truffles 

Alexander's Gourmet Chocolate Truffles are available in bulk to distinctive businesses that want to offer their customers or employees a taste of elegance with our finest gourmet chocolate truffles.

Our minimum opening wholesale order is 200 truffles with a 15% Discount. Our wholesale program is set up to order according to pre-set packages, which already have the discount amount included in the final price (see table below.)

The best discount is the 35% off. It's a commitment to a 1000 truffle order. However, you do not have to take delivery of all the truffles at once. We packaging them 40 truffles to a box and a good minimum is 200 at a time (5 paper boxes as in the photo below, which will allow you to package them according to your preferences). You may take delivery on an as needed basis until you reach the total.  That may mean several deliveries over a two, three or four month period. You can adjust the frequency of your order/delivery as needed.
If you would prefer that we pre-package your wholesale order in simple two-piece, four-piece, six-piece, eight-piece or twelve piece boxes, please see the additional boxing/labor charges per each box required. For Example: 100 pre-packed truffles in a 2-piece box would require 50 boxes at $0.81 each, for a total of $40.50 (which covers materials and labor charges).
Category Regular Retail Price Discount % Actual Wholesale Price

200 Truffles (Minimum Order)

$522.00 15% $443.70
400 Truffles (Minimum Order) $1044.00 20% $835.20
600 Truffles (Minimum Order) $1566.00 25% $1174.50
800 Truffles (Minimum Order) $2088.00 30% $1461.60
1000 Truffles (Minimum Order) $2610.00 35% $1696.50

Alexander's Chocolate Classics reserves the right to change prices and discounts without notice.

All prices will be FOB; the credit card processing fee for manual entry processing of 0.0375%, plus shipping charges. If payment is by check, orders will be shipped after the check has cleared the bank, and of course, would not include any cc processing fees... only product and shipping amounts.

Orders will be shipped out on Monday and Tuesday (excepting Monday/Holiday closures). During warm weather (see our regular shipping policies), cold packaging will be used which necessitates some minor extra charges.

The Wholesale Application must be completed for consideration in the Wholesale Program. Once approved, wholesale orders can be placed online or by email. Placing orders by phone will still require acknowledgement of the order in writing (online or email) before the order can be processed. Proper documents for wholesale business must be on file including a wholesale application.

If you have any questions about the Wholesale Program, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your interest in the Wholesale Program.