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The Product that Started it all

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Alexander's first inspiration when he envisioned the company is this Thank You gift for business owners (Because it is important to say “Thank You” to your treasured clients). An incredible work of art which contains two sculpted solid busts of Alexander the Great made from one of the rarest chocolates on the planet. Chosen to be set in Alexander the Great’s most prized possession - A Book (an annotated copy of Homer’s classic, The Iliad), it also contains a brief history of Alexander the Great and “How to Taste Chocolate like a Connoisseur” written by Alexander.

“A gift, fit for an emperor, from a great admirer of yours.” -Alexander

This is a Special Order item and requires 10 business days advance notice.

Please Note: All items manufactured in a facility and on equipment that uses nuts, dairy, eggs, gluten, soy, fruits, herbs and spices.